Scar Treatment Noscarna Gel


Scar Treatment Noscarna Gel

Hyeri's acne scar NO! HOW Noscarna Gel NO! worry about scar you want to conceal Now apply medicine if you want to treat acne scar! ※ Noscarna Gel is a 'non-prescription medicine' that can be found at near pharmacy.

When should I put on Noscarna Gel?

Step 1. Wash up and Basic Skincare
After washing your face, put on basic skincare (toner and lotion).
Step 2. Apply Noscarna Gel
After smoothing out your skin, apply Noscarna Gel on your scar.
Step 3. Sunscreen and Makeup
After applying Noscarna Gel, lightly put on sunscreen or foundation on top.
You can wear makeup right after applying Noscarna Gel. It is recommended to re-apply frequently on makeup. When you are not putting makeup on, first wash your face in morning, afternoon and evening, then apply Noscarna Gel after basic skincare.

Acne scar NO! HOW MOVIE Watch the video for skin know-how without acne scar!


Noscarna gel
Smooth and Light texture

Noscarna gel

#Sweet Herbal Scent #Smooth Texture #Soft Finish With sweet herbal scent and gel-type texture that is softly abosrbed to your skin, you can use it freely.

Main Ingredient

Main Ingredient

500IU out of 1g Heparin Sodium
Prevent scar by reducing collagen production that contributes to scar formation.
50mg out of 1g Allantoin
Prevent scar formation by anti-inflammatory and cell growth promotion.
Moisturize proud flesh that can easily loose moist and improve redness.


Acne scar / Surgery scar / Keloidalis scar Noscarna gel is a scar treatment that has effect on acne scar, surgery scar and keloidalis scar that have been formed after wound is healed.

Find pharmacy with Noscarna Gel near me Noscarna Gel is a 'non-prescription medicine' that can be found at near pharmacy.
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Acne Scar NO! Noscarna Gel’s KNOW-HOW These are Q&A about the most common questions and instructions for skin without scars.

Q. I want to know the order of use. When do I apply Noscarna Gel?
In basic skincare stage, you can freely apply it on pigmented scar regardless of the order.
Q. When I put on Noscarna Gel, in what order should I put on basic skincare and sunscreen?
Noscarna gel is a product that moistens the scar to make treatment effect. Apply Noscarna gel after putting on basic skincare (toner and lotion), then apply sunscreen lightly on it.
Q. How many times a day should I apply it?
You can apply it more than 3 times a day frequently on your scar.
Q. Do I need a prescription to buy Noscarna Gel?
Noscarna gel is a ‘non-prescription medicine’ that can be found at near pharmacy. Most pharmacies are available for purchase, but there may be variations in different regions. When it's hard to find, you can use ‘My neighborhood pharmacy map service’ or please contact Dong-A Pharmaceutical Customer Satisfaction Team (080-920-2002).
Q. Is it effective on pigmented scar?
Noscarna gel improves red coloring of the scar and is effective at flattening electrogenic and hypertrophic scars, so you can expect pigmentation improvement.
Q. Is it effective on old scar?
We recommend to apply on scar under 2 years which wound heal is not yet completed. It is effective only when you apply Noscarna gel for long time (more than 6 months), many times a day on the old scar.
Q. Is there a side effect?
The greatest abnormal reaction of Noscarna gel is an allergic reaction that occurs very rarely (0.01% or less). When you apply product and suddenly feel itchiness or redness, stop using it immediately and consult your doctor or pharmacist.
Q. Can I use it at the progress stage of the acne?
Do not use it on incised or open wounds. Once the wound is healed, you can use it.